Salahi, Virginia couple somehow got into White House dinner party with NO invitation.
Tareq and Michaele Salahi said they are not party crashers. Mr. Salahi said They were invited.

They must have nerve of steel! I mean, think about it. It wasn’t the party next door.
With all securities, eyeballs, they remain calm and relaxed?

They must knew what would happen to them even before they went to party.
So, why did they do it? What’s the motive? Some newspaper say they want
$xxx,xxx for the interview. If that’s true, they did it for the money?

Being silly people who crash parties or craving attention is one thing,
but, seeking money from it? That’s pushing your luck little too far, don’t you think?

Now on serious side, isn’t the White House supposed to be THE most secured place in the world?

How did they get passed all those secret services?
What the fuck were they doing?

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