According to “The Improper” article, Tiger Woods crashed his car into his neighbor’s tree.
What’s so silly about that? Well, that’s not the silly part.

Silly part is where this article says…
According to some reports he was fleeing his wife after arguing about reports of the alleged affair.

I can imagine the scene…
His wife running after him and Tiger driving off in a hurry trying to escape his wife’s fury.
Just how mad can wife get to make man lose total control of his car and crash into the tree?

Well, there is speculation about drug/medications which may have caused crash. That’s up to the police 😉

Source:The Improper


Now, there are rumors about Tiger Woods having affairs with two?

New York nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel is rumored to have affair with Tiger Woods which she denied.
Source:Us Magazine

And then, there is a cocktail waitress, Jaimee Grubbs, claims she had a affairs with
Tiger Woods and has text messages and photos to prove it.

Holy Cow!
There is yet one more woman that has something to do with Tiger Woods!
And her name is Kalika Moquin, marketing manager for the nightclub in Las Vegas.
Source:Life & Style

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