Do you like Maki Roll?
Do you want Maki Roll at more than 50% off?

Go to Gari Japanese Restaurant in Brookline, MA on Sunday.
They have Sunday special called “Maki Madness” and you get
as much as 55% off IF YOU PAY IN CASH!

Co-Owner, Diane Chung started this about six month ago because
she got tired of credit card companies charging high transaction
fees when customers pay with credit cards.

Usual transaction fees are about 2%.
So, she’s offering 55% off for cash purchase?
I guess she don’t mind losing 53% by this promotion?

Kind of silly by simple calculation.
But, she did make point right?
She hates credit card companies 😉

I am pretty sure even with 55% off, there must be enough markup
to make this promotion work.

Either way, best wishes to her “Maki Madness” Sunday Special.